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6/7/8 Speed Bike Chain Kit - Complete Bike Kit with 2 Bike Chains (1/2" x 3/32",

6/7/8 Speed Bike Chain Kit - Complete Bike Kit with 2 Bike Chains (1/2" x 3/32",

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Brand: Calvana


  • EASY-INSTALL COMPLETE BIKE CHAIN KIT - Go for speed and quality with this professional athlete-tested speed bike chain kit complete with 2 sets of 1/2 inch x 3/32-inch bike chains, 3 pairs of master chain links (magic buckle connector), and 1 chain rivet extractor. Easy to install, disassemble, maintain. Save time and money with this essential kit.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE 6/7/8 SPEED BIKE CHAINS - These directional bike chains are specially forged to provide maximum strength for exceptional rallies throughout theirlong life cycle. Durable and corrosion-resistant, these chains have polished surfaces and internal oiling for smooth lubrication.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 6/7/8 SPEED BIKES WITH DRIVETRAIN SYSTEMS - With open inner and outer plate design and double "X" bridge shaped outer plate, these bike chains offer the strength and durability needed for more efficient shifting. Universally compatible with 6/7/8 speed bikes with drivetrain systems including Shimano, Campagnolo, and Sram.
  • 3 EXTRA PAIRS OF MASTER CHAIN LINKS - Easily join chains with the innovative master chain links that you can install without tools! Also known as the "magic buckle" or quick links, master allows for quick chain change and maintenance. If you already have the exact chain length in hand, all you need to do is place the master links on the slots on the chain's outer plates, align, and snap in place.
  • CHAIN RIVET EXTRACTOR - Break chains without doing damage! This lightweight tool allows you to both remove and install chain rivets. To extract rivets, you'll just need to line up the tool with the rivet and drive the connecting rivet out by tightening the tool's screw propeller. To re-install links, you'll need to drive the pins in and cut the excess - using the same tool!

model number: 1/2 x 3/32"

Part Number: 1/2 x 3/32"

Details: Change bike chains in a matter of minutes with this 4-step chain installation process you can get back on the trail in no time. Remove the old chain by disengaging the master chain link. You can use a chain link pliers or regular pliers that can pinch the links from below. But if the old chain uses a connecting rivet or if it is too worn out or damaged, you can cut through the chain with the use of a chain rivet extractor. Compare the length of the old and new chain. Since bike chains lengthen over time due to wear, you'll need to count the number of the links instead of only depending on the actual length. What if the old chain is shorter? Easily remove excess chain links with the chain rivet extractor. Since this chain uses a master link, you'll need to remove links so that both ends have outer plates Install the new chain. Thread the chain through the rear cassette and then through the derailleur. Take note that the outer plates should face the front. These are the plates stamped with the brand name. Finally, snap the master links in place. Use a pair of pliers to pull the master links outwards, ensuring the pins are seated. You can also rotate the crank until the master link is on the upper row of the chain. If the pins are still not seated properly, you can apply the rear brake while simultaneously applying force on the pedals. Stop fumbling for tools to use in removing and maintaining your bike chains. This complete kit will see you removing and installing bike chains like a pro! And with the extra master links, you'll always have one in hand to save the day!

EAN: 0689585866005

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 5.4 x 2.1 inches

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