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ZGFF 52V 20Ah Electric Bike Li-Ion Battery, Comes with 2A Charger + BMS Protecti

ZGFF 52V 20Ah Electric Bike Li-Ion Battery, Comes with 2A Charger + BMS Protecti

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Brand: ZGFF


  • ◮ Product information: 52 V, 20 Ah, e-bike battery is suitable for e-bike motors with 1000 W / 750 W / 500 W / 350 W / 250 W. Electric bike battery size: 367.4×111×90.3 mm. Driving time per charge under ideal conditions: approx 40-50 km; In addition, the charging cycle exceeds 1000 times, a life expectancy of up to 5 years.
  • ◮ High discharge efficiency: The battery can work at the temperature of -20 to 60 ° C, and the discharge efficiency can reach 95%. Make full use of the battery and the driving distance is longer. When the battery is not in use, the self-discharge rate does not exceed 3%. It can save battery power. (Please purchase the bicycle battery suitable for your motor. We offer parameters and size charts for reference.)
  • ◮ BMS protective plate and LED battery light lamp: High quality electric core with BMS protective plate prevents overcharging, over discharging, over current and short circuit and ensures the long-term use of your e-bike motor and your bike battery. LED battery level indicator can inform you about the timely charging!
  • ◮ Practical and suitable for outdoor use: The rear of the battery compartment adopts the latest wave-shaped design that allows you to mount your e-bike battery in the frame. The case material is also equipped with a waterproof and hard plastic shell, so it is much stronger than a conventional battery shell. Each e-bike battery comes with a USB port and security keys.
  • ◮ Features: The electric bike battery with a battery bottom suitable for most bike frames. / Locking with keys securely locks the bracket on the bike frame and prevents the battery from being stolen. / LED power indicator for illuminated battery, let you know that you need to charge the battery in good time. Your battery is detachable and securely locked.

Binding: Electronics

Part Number: 65405900

EAN: 1091612484783

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